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Ajijic, Lake Chapala
Jalisco, Mexico

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Ajijic village in June

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Windsong Hacienda, borders Lake Chapala’s south shore.
5383m2 [57,921 sq.ft] land.
Construction 600 sq. meter

Main House 20ft Guanajuato boveda ceilings in living room, dining area, custom bathrooms, 90sq ft walk in closet furnished kitchen with hand crafted wrap around cabinets.

  • 5 casitas [three 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 2 1bedroom 1 bathroom]. All with lake view
  • Solar heating, solar electric main house and casitas.

Maybe rented until sold $2,000 US plus utilities and ground keeper salary.

Financing available with 50% down balance in 1 year, 8% on unpaid balance.

Asking: $699,000 USD
(ID: RS5WB178)

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Why Mexico?

Why Mexico? Many people ask.  After 47 years here, the list is easy.  The most obvious attractions: the beauty of the Lake Chapala area, the culture’s uniqueness and complexity, and the friendly Mexican people. A full spectrum of existing and new homes in a wide diversity of styles are available to suit any taste.

Constant invigorating interaction between Mexican citizens and foreign residents, newcomers and visitors.  Mexico allows one to be in contact with an amazingly broad variety of people from all over the world—not just Americans and Canadians, but most of the countries of Europe, and even the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and, most certainly, Latin America.

This exceptional environment  teaches one the “mañana syndrome” is not—as some at first believe—a sign of inattention or idleness. It’s a manifestation of a completely different concept of time.  If yesterday is safely past, the present can be invented and the future will take care of itself.

Who are we?

Our corporate name is Laguna Real Estate located in Ajijic on the sunny, lively, socially active north shore of Mexico's inland sea, Lake Chapala near Guadalajara, the capital city of the state of Jalisco. Born in 1988, we're a decidedly "different" all-service real estate office offering time-tested insights derived from years of individual realty experience in the U.S. and Mexico.

What Makes Us So different? 

Well, we believe in holistic service for diversified clients and offer you honest and dependable information on who, what, when, where, and why, as you commence your own adventure below the border at Lake Chapala. That's mainly so because we're old Mexican hands in Ajijic who, long ago, confronted the same basic questions facing you now.

For instance: Can a visiting tourist own a residence, commercial property, or land in Mexico?  May I retire along my cat, dog, rifle, ham radio, school-age child, household furniture? How's the climate? Tell me about the labor laws. Can I work? And so forth. See our lakeside page for tons of practical details about life and retirement in Ajijic and Lake Chapala.

In the meantime, please note that a client's real estate problems are our business and that Laguna Real Estate offers an unsurpassed selection of lakeside residential and commercial real estate for sale as well as acreage in every price range. 

Our Service Goals

  • To communicate the qualities of life in Mexico and promote interest in Ajijic and the Lake Chapala area in buying and selling of both residential and commercial real estate.

  • To recognize that many homes are "special" and appeal to a limited market that must be defined and discovered. This is our goal.

  • To list a property for sale only after our careful appraisal of its true market value: houses, lots, apartments, condos, developments, buildings, and land.

  • To promote each property listed by way of advertising through newspaper and magazines, the Internet, direct mail, publicity, and personally through our many contacts, clients and friends.

  • To match sellers with qualified buyers through the help of the lakeside Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • To stress absolute honesty and provide unconditional client service before, during, and after the sale and purchase. 

  • To avoid both "hard sell" and "soft sell," concentrating on an informed "honest sell" and a meeting of minds.

Laguna Real Estate services covers more than just realty matters. Do you have questions about immigration laws, labor procedures, investment routines? Our experience is at your beck and call before, during, and after your purchase or rental.

Have a look at our properties for sale and rentals. We can also help show, buy, or sell real estate via lakeside's large Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Read about lakeside life to get a flavor of what it might be like to live at Lake Chapala and have some practical questions answered. If you have additional questions, please e-mail or call our toll-free phone (from USA or Canada), 956-242-4492. 

Our office is located in central Ajijic on 18 Hidalgo, half a block from Ajijic's Plaza going west

Laguna Real Estate Presents: LAKE CHAPALA “THE WAY IT IS” A visual and auditory tour of Lakeside’s attractions. See the colors, textures and delights of life along the Ribera of Lake Chapala. Travel through the villages that dot the north and south shores. Visit Guadalajara, Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. There is an introduction to Laguna Real Estate’s Bed and Brunch , followed by a tour of four of Laguna’s property listings. The prices range from $130’s to $722K. These homes are representative of the quality and style of residences at Lakeside. Copies of our DVD are available at Laguna Real Estate in Ajijic for $160Pesos. Send them to your friends to introduce them to the “Land of Eternal Spring”! Please come by our office to view our new DVD of Lake Chapala and its environs. We look forward to your visit.

Feel free to e-mail us any questions about Ajijic or any part of the greater Lake Chapala area.

Logo: Laguna Real Estate, Ajijic.

Laguna Real Estate
Broker/owner: Beverly Hunt
Hidalgo #18, Ajijic

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Logo: Grupo Inmobiliario del Lago (GIL) - Lake Chapala Realtors, Real Estate Agencies, MLS

Laguna Real Estate is a member of CAR
(Formerly Grupo Inmobiliario del Lago), an association of Lake Chapala realtors and agencies with a multiple listing service.   

Logo: Asociación  Mexicana  de  Profesionales  Inmobiliarios (AMPI) - an Association of Real Estate Professionals with a National MLS
Laguna Real Estate is a member of the Chapala section of AMPI, (Asociación  Mexicana  de  Profesionales  Inmobiliarios) an association of real estate professionals with a national MLS.

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E-mail: lagunarealty@prodigy.net.mx

Logo: Grupo Inmobiliario del Lago (GIL) - Lake Chapala Realtors, Real Estate Agencies, MLS

Logo: Grupo Inmobiliario del Lago (GIL) - Lake Chapala Realtors, Real Estate Agencies, MLS

Ajijic sun. Ajijic sun. Ajijic sun.